Cyberpunk 2077: Diverse but Not Woke Enough?

Note: Sorry this took so long, I had surgery recently and have been recovering, which has cut into my game time. I was a huge fan of the Witcher 3 so I was anxiously awaiting Cyberpunk 2077. Transhuman is the theme here but that hasn’t stopped people from complaining about the other kind of trans,Continue reading “Cyberpunk 2077: Diverse but Not Woke Enough?”

Doom Eternal: Battle the forces of Hell by being really, REALLY Angry

I wasn’t going to review this one either, but it was requested by a few people who said there was some wokeness in it, though I didn’t find any. Gender: 1 out of 5: You play the manliest man ever, murdering demons with pure rage and masculinity! Sexuality: 0 out of 5: Never comes up,Continue reading “Doom Eternal: Battle the forces of Hell by being really, REALLY Angry”

Star Wars Squadrons: Behold, DIVERSITY SQUADRON!

I wasn’t going to review this game. I was a huge fan of the old X-Wing and Tie Fighter (especially Tie Fighter) in the 90s. I played through them and their sequels multiple times. I eagerly awaited this game. I mean, Fallen Order was very politically neutral, how could they possibly make Squadrons woke? Well,Continue reading “Star Wars Squadrons: Behold, DIVERSITY SQUADRON!”

Alien Isolation: Play as Ripley’s Daughter in the Coldness of Space

Let’s be clear, when we’re talking about strong female characters who actually behave like women, there’s few better examples than Ellen Ripley in the movie Aliens. Here’s a woman who faced her fear and used her motherly urge to protect to save a child and destroy a monster. She’s a momma bear, protecting her young.Continue reading “Alien Isolation: Play as Ripley’s Daughter in the Coldness of Space”

Remnant From the Ashes: Save the World from Tree Monsters

I had put this game on my steam wishlist, then Epic store offered it for free! It’s a third person shooter where you go to various worlds to save Earth from tree creatures called The Root. So here we go!                 Sexuality: 1 out of 5: Not really an issue. There’s a family involved inContinue reading “Remnant From the Ashes: Save the World from Tree Monsters”

The Sinking City: Investigate the Horrors beneath Oakmont

The Sinking City is a game I had been dying to play for a while now and, though it’s not perfect, it was tons of fun. The variety of monsters is a bit lacking (there’s only really four types that you encounter over and over again), but this is one of the few games thatContinue reading “The Sinking City: Investigate the Horrors beneath Oakmont”

Control: Warp Reality and take back Control

I had heard of this game and was interested in playing it, though I didn’t know much about it. You play as a young woman named Jessie who has gone to the Bureau of Control, a government agency that investigates paranormal items and events, to find out information about her missing brother. Once inside theContinue reading “Control: Warp Reality and take back Control”

Life is Strange 2: Storytelling or just Virtue Signaling

Let’s make one thing clear, despite it’s wokeness, I liked Life is Strange, Season 1. The characters were interesting and three dimensional, no one was a stereotype, everyone had reasons behind their attitudes and their actions. The plot was creepy and compelling, each episode left you wanting more. Season 2 on the other hand, is,Continue reading “Life is Strange 2: Storytelling or just Virtue Signaling”

Borderlands 3: The Ultimate Looter-Shooter has Returned!

Despite what you may think given my previous entries, I am not a huge fan of shooters. Something must really grab me about a shooter to make me want to play it. I have been a fan of Borderlands since the original. The combination of colorful characters, sarcastic humor, and non-stop action really got toContinue reading “Borderlands 3: The Ultimate Looter-Shooter has Returned!”