Star Wars Squadrons: Behold, DIVERSITY SQUADRON!

I wasn’t going to review this game. I was a huge fan of the old X-Wing and Tie Fighter (especially Tie Fighter) in the 90s. I played through them and their sequels multiple times. I eagerly awaited this game. I mean, Fallen Order was very politically neutral, how could they possibly make Squadrons woke? Well, they sure found a way!

Gender: 5 out of 5: Most of the characters are female. The New Republic squadron has 3 women and one man, plus the PC (who can be either). The Empire command structure you encounter is entirely female except for one guy. Not only that, but you can make your PC trans as well! Male/female head can be placed on male/female body and given any male/female voice.

Pay attention to his line. It’s very important to the plot! (just kidding, it never comes up again)

Sexuality: 4 out of 5: One gay guy but I’m bumping it to 3 because it really has no place in the story. Then there’s the female “non-binary” pilot, which bumps it to 4. Funny how the term had never existed up until a few years ago but “a galaxy far, far away” uses it already!

Race: 5 out of 5: Once again, no white men allowed! Except for Wedge and a cyborg on the Imperial side. Honestly, I had no idea the empire especially was so diverse! Only a single white male on the entire ship! Also the options for a white PC are very lacking. You can choose between hipster douchebag or butch lesbian.

Woke Squadron! And not a single white person in sight!

Anachronism: 0 out of 5: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, so non applicable.

Overall: 14 out of 20: Possibly the most woke game I’ve ever played, and I played Life is Strange season 2! Anyway, I’m going to go play some classic Tie Fighter as a palette cleanser after playing this garbage.

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