Mortal Kombat 11: Wakanda Edition

I liked the Mortal Kombat reboot with MK 9, it was far more fun to play than the older games, IMO. But this isn’t about how much I liked the games. I had heard how woke MK11 had gotten, and it was on sale so I decided to review it to celebrate the new, appropriately R rated, movie!

Gender: 3 out of 5: There’s always been strong women in MK games, and that’s no real issue. Female fighters have been a staple of fighting games since Chun-Li. My main issue was what they were wearing. Especially what they were wearing compared to what the men were wearing. No more scantily clad fighter babes! However, the men are free to have their chests exposed, even wearing little more than a loincloth! WE’RE NOT YOUR EYECANDY LADIES! (sarcasm of course)

Brutally murdering a woman is perfectly okay as long as she’s not too sexy!

Sexuality: 1 out of 5: Except for some romance in between characters, this didn’t really come up.

Race: 3 out of 5: Plenty of diverse characters but my problem was with Jax’s ending, where he turns Africa into some kind of quasi-Wakanda. Not that changing time to make sure things are fair for everyone is a bad thing, but more because it takes Jax as a character, one of my favorite characters in fact, and defines him by his skin color. He’s black so clearly slavery is the only thing on his mind as if he has no other personality traits!

Anachronism: 1 out of 5: Modern times with some sci-fi/fantasy elements so kind of hard to pin down.

Overall: 8 out of 20: Aside from the issues listed, this game wasn’t as woke as I thought it would be, though I’m sure we’re all disappointed with the lack of bouncy babes. Back to Dead or Alive and Soul Caliber, I guess…

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One thought on “Mortal Kombat 11: Wakanda Edition

  1. Great site man. Just discovered you so don’t know how much game reviewing you actually do, but I appreciate this. It is REALLY difficult to find honest opinions on “wokeness” in gaming. Most people are too dumb to notice or maybe worse, notice but either don’t care and/or support it. It’s nice to find a place that actually addresses it.


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