Pathfinder: Wrath of the Woke

I like Pathfinder far more than Dungeons and Dragons and really enjoyed Owlcat’s Pathfinder: Kingmaker, so I was excited when they announced their next game would be based on the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path. A whole game based around raising an army and engaging in holy war against the demons of the Worldwound, yes please! Unfortunately, wokeness rose its ugly head…

Gender: 3 out of 5: This game goes pretty hard into the “strong woman” trope, with female characters able to hold off entire armies. Plus the queen who really doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing but we’re supposed to respect her leadership nonetheless even though she’s young and inexperienced.

No dude, stop drawing me while you stare longingly!

Sexuality: 3 out of 5: Kingmaker had one annoying gay character; this one has several. You have two of the first female NPCs you meet in a lesbian relationship that they keep reminding you of, plus being propositioned by two different male companion characters. Don’t they know that no means no?

Race: 1 out of 5: Present but not focused on.

We all know orcs are one of the most tolerant species!

Anachronism: 0 out of 5: Fantasy world, doesn’t apply.

Overall: 7 out of 20

Result: Semi-Woke: If you can ignore the obvious pandering, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is still an enjoyable experience.

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