Detroit Become Human: The Robot Revolution begins with YOU!

I had heard that this game was pretty woke so I decided to review it! BTW, may be my last review for a couple months while I’m recovering from surgery.

Gender: 1 out of 5: There’s really no argument about gender in this game as most of the plot revolves around the 3 robot player characters. Even Kara’s entire storyline has her trying to bring a little girl to safety and become her surrogate mother.

“Don’t worry Alice, when my kind take over the world, you can be my pet!”

Sexuality: 2 out of 5: Robot lesbians?? Yes, not only are robots becoming sentient and self-aware, but they’re falling in love too! Ignore that this makes no sense as they don’t reproduce sexually.

Race: 4 out of 5: Race isn’t really an issue, but the game is clearly an allusion to civil rights, just for robots, so they suffer various indignities (though to be fair, most people think they’re just robots who can’t feel pain or emotion, which they’re supposed to be.)

Robot Lesbian Murder Strippers! Why does that sound like a cliché?

Anachronism: 0 out of 5: Future, doesn’t apply.

Overall: 7 out of 20: It’s pretty woke with the allusion to the civil rights movement. The robots are clearly an oppressed minority (even though everyone wants one) who are abused by their human masters (who believe them to be nothing more than machines.) It borders on preaching which gets annoying when you live in the country this game is clearly targeting and we’ve had equal rights for a while now. Why not target Saudi Arabia or North Korea or Africa which are still oppressive places? Oh, right, that would be racist.

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