Doom Eternal: Battle the forces of Hell by being really, REALLY Angry

I wasn’t going to review this one either, but it was requested by a few people who said there was some wokeness in it, though I didn’t find any.

Gender: 1 out of 5: You play the manliest man ever, murdering demons with pure rage and masculinity!

Hell on Earth.

Sexuality: 0 out of 5: Never comes up, not an important part of the story (take notes, Star Wars Squadrons.)

Race: 1 out of 5: The main character is white but mods and DLC can change this. It doesn’t matter in terms of the gameplay though.

This is what happens when newcomers aren’t properly vetted.

Anachronism: 0 out of 5: Future hellscape, does not apply.

Overall:  2 out of 20: Not only is this game totally unwoke, but it also pokes fun of a lot of PC culture, such as being politically correct towards demons, referring to them as “Mortally challenged.” Plus, this game is filled with so much testosterone, I highly recommend!

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