A Plague Tale, Innocence:Teenagers vs the Inquisition. Also rats.

                I’ve known about this game for a bit but it wasn’t until watching Razorfist’s twitch play that made me want to try it out. It’s the story of a young French girl named Amicia who is trying to get her young brother, Hugo, to safety through the plagued lands of France, being chased by the Inquisition, who wants him for some mysterious reason. Hugo has a strange disease that seems to be somehow related to the plague of rats which have overtaken the region.

                Sexuality: This doesn’t really come into play; the game is linear and there’s no romantic side quests so sexuality is hard to determine aside from a couple flirtatious lines between male and female characters. These are young people just trying to survive a horrible situation. Score: 1 of 5.

                Gender: The main character, Amicia, is female, obviously. However, she is no superwoman. If she’s caught by the inquisition or the rats, she’s dead (unless she has certain alchemical objects that will allow her to escape once, and ONLY once). The game does well with displaying her strengths as well as her limits. She’s not tackling inquisitors or anything, so I’d say this is a pretty fair representation of a teenage girl for that time period, though her survivability is exaggerated simply because it’s a video game. Score: 1 of 5.

Amicia often has to stop when her little brother is having one of his “attacks.” This is important later.

                Race: It’s 14th century France, everyone is white. The good guys, the bad guys, everyone. Score: 1 of 5.

                Anachronism: Very accurate for the time period. The developers clearly did a lot of research into this dark era of history and they did it without any unnecessary virtue signaling or shoehorning in a political agenda that didn’t fit 600 years ago, well done! Score: 1 of 5.

                Overall: 4 out of 20. A good story-driven narrative that doesn’t try to change history with unnecessary revisionism. Good for a playthrough or two!

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