Greedfall: How Diversity Should be Done!

Greedfall is a game by Spiders that I had heard about a few times and was interested in trying out. The game is set in the exploration era of a world that’s not quite ours, but close. It looks like ours and has a lot of the same traits but is, of course, different. The countries and continents are different, as are the cultures of the era. The religions are different as well. I was pleasantly surprised by this game in general.

Sexuality: Romance doesn’t play a huge role in this game and neither does sexuality. I didn’t really run into much of either. Your character can be male and female and can romance your companions, either male or female. If there was anything more than this, it was subtle enough that I missed it. Score: 1 of 5

I romanced Aphra. Isn’t she goofy? Here she is standing on the stairs for some reason! This game is a bit buggy, but nothing game breaking.

Gender: Gender in this game is treated equally. Women can do anything men can do and vice versa. While not accurate for the era, I can’t complain because it’s not “our” world. I was even surprised how many women were among groups of bandits. It’s equal without being in your face about it. Bravo! Score: 1 of 5

Race: Another very diverse subject. Although the races are generally either black or white, they really don’t seem to matter much. Even the native islanders that your character encounters (and there are a lot of them) are of varied colors. The game is more about a clash of cultures than a clash of races. Score: 1 of 5

Anachronism: Not really applicable since the game doesn’t take place in our world or universe. Score: 0 of 5

Overall: 3 out of 20. This is how diversity should be done! Make it so it makes sense in context of the world or make your own world which has its own rules. Then, add the diversity but don’t focus on it. What a lot of developers don’t seem to realize is people really aren’t that racist and don’t pay too much attention to one another’s race in real life so when it’s focused on in a game, it feels awkward.

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