Far Cry 5: Redneck Preppers fight Doomsday Cultists!

I hadn’t played much of the Far Cry series before this but I had been told that this game pissed off a lot of “woke” progressives for its portrayal of rednecks as “being normal people who weren’t all racists” so of course I had to give it a try!

Sexuality: 1 out of 5. Sexuality doesn’t really come up a lot in this, besides some light flirting between characters. I may have missed something but overt “woke” sexuality wasn’t really in your face, so I’m giving it a 1.

Pictured: A man whose theology is NOT based on sound biblical values.

Gender:1 out of 5.  Women are just as capable as men and I’m fine with that in a modern setting. The two main female companions, Jess and Grace, have been through a lot which adds to their abilities. They’re not people who just “picked up a weapon and are now awesome.” Jess is a skilled hunter who was traumatized after seeing what the cult had done while Grace is an ex-military sniper. So well rounded female characters all around.

Race: 1 out of 5. It’s a valley in Montana which is majority white. There are some black characters (like Grace and the Reverend) but most are white, which fits in with the area.

Anachronism: 1 out of 5. It’s modern times and there really isn’t any attempt to show it as anything else.

Overall: 4 out of 20. Possibly the most republican game ever! If you want a game that makes you feel good about being a gun toting redneck, this is it. Also I should mention, that rednecks are funny as hell. There’s a reason King of the Hill was so popular!

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