Life is Strange 2: Storytelling or just Virtue Signaling

Let’s make one thing clear, despite it’s wokeness, I liked Life is Strange, Season 1. The characters were interesting and three dimensional, no one was a stereotype, everyone had reasons behind their attitudes and their actions. The plot was creepy and compelling, each episode left you wanting more. Season 2 on the other hand, is, boring. Not just boring, but it virtue signals constantly. It also has you doing a ton of mundane tasks for no real reason, like doing house work, cooking dinner for your little brother, and working on a pot farm. This game was a chore to finish.

Sexuality:3 out of 5. Sean isn’t gay. It never comes up that he’s interested in men. However, the game still gives an option for Sean to kiss a guy. It’s not important to the plot either. But in liberal world, everyone is a little gay, I suppose. I bumped it up another one because of the consequence-free sex that the hippies apparently indulge in at the homeless camp. We know that always turns out well.

And you thought I was kidding about the pot mini-game.

Gender: 2 out of 5. Gender isn’t as important as race in this game, the brothers are clearly the center of it and the game doesn’t demonize them just because they’re male, which, I mean, is good. Though one of the hippies I think is gender fluid which is why I rate it a 2, it’s not really in your face though.

Race: 5 out of 5: Whoa boy, here it is. Apparently even super liberal Seattle is just full of Trump supporting rednecks who HATE Mexicans and will let you about it, including kidnapping and beating a teenage boy. Fortunately, the local liberal hipster looking at nude men in a public place is there to help them. I’m serious. Later on, a couple of guys find Sean sleeping on their property and humiliate him for being a “thieving Mexican.” (they used less kind words, though to be fair he did just steal a car).

Anachronism: 1 out of 5. It’s based in modern times, though the story is clearly a liberal victim fantasy.

Overall:  11 out of 20. The bad guys are one-dimensional caricatures of Republicans, militant pot farmers, and a Christian cult. In the previous game, everyone had motivations for what they were doing. Even the main villain’s motivation made sense in a sick way. In this one it’s like, “Everyone is out to get the poor Mexican children except for the benevolent hippies and liberals.” The boys are constantly reminded that this is a “dangerous time” for “people like them.” The game is based right before the 2016 election and in some of Sean’s chat logs his friends are worried that “he” might actually win, which is funny because no one thought “he”would win until he actually won. Anyway, I’m ranting. Between the clear SJW virtue signaling is lots of really boring content and mini games that don’t actually advance the plot at all. Needless to say, I hated this game.

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3 thoughts on “Life is Strange 2: Storytelling or just Virtue Signaling

    1. Thanks! Probably not, at least right now, trying to focus on more recent games. Also, season 1 I felt was a bit more balanced, it had characters with diverse beliefs and opinions and not everything was as it seemed. Season 2 was mostly “REEE! WHITE CONSERVATIVES BAD!”


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